January Orcas CTP Now Available

The January Orcas CTP went out last night about 8:30 Pacific time. It is available both as a regular install, and on a virtual machine. I have not had a chance to install it yet, so I can't give too many details of exactly what is available. However, most of the builds I tested around the time the code froze for its release had good support for LINQ to Objects and only shaky support for Linq to SQL. The release notes for the product are, however, more sanguine on Linq To SQL and Linq to Entities support, and certainly there has been good support for those features in the internal builds I've seen in the last few days. The current internal builds are all targeted at the February CTP.

Over the last few weeks I've spent a considerable amount of time porting code from the May LINQ CTP to the current builds of Orcas. Most of the major LINQAPI's stayed the same during that time frame, but the details changed on several occasions. Please see my Notes on January CTP for a description of the experiences I encountered while porting the code. I give a blow by blow for many of the minor API changes.

There was more snow last and so things are quiet here in the office, with many folks still at home. That should give me time to install the CTP on a Vista machine and confirm the details on the Linq To SQL code. I'll post more later in the day or tomorrow.

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  2. Charlie Calvert announced on his blog the availability of a new Orcas CTP. There is a regular install…

  3. Adam Miles says:

    The filenames (parts 1 to 7) for both the VPC install and the self-extracting are all listed as Dec2006CTP, are they actually January or have the wrong files been linked to, or were they just not renamed?

    Many thanks,


  4. Tom Kirby-Green says:

    Whoot! I have so been looking forward to this. Many thanks to all the devs, PMs and other folks who made this possible! 🙂

  5. Alex James says:

    one thing that isn’t 100% clear

  6. tzagotta says:

    I’m having a lot of problems trying to download (download rate gets slower and slower, until it finally stops).  Any chance that this release will be distributed via MSDN so that I can use the MSDN Download Manager instead of the way it was released to the public?

  7. ccalvert says:


    Don’t worry about the names on the files. The CTP was originally scheduled to go out in December, and for some reason the file names were never changed when it slipped in January.

  8. Mystereman says:

    When I start the Virtual PC image, it complains that the parent Disk is not present.  What’s the deal?

  9. Gran Paradiso Alpha 1 now available for download / firefox Firefox 3 Alpa available for download. Early

  10. Eric Harmon says:

    I’m installing this on an XP SP2 box.  After install, I can’t add a reference to System.Linq because it doesn’t come up in the Add References dialog.  Am I supposed to install the May CTP first, or did something go wrong with the install, or am I overlooking something?

  11. ccalvert says:


    Parent Disk issue: I believe there are two downloads for the CTP, did you get them both?

    "Visual Studio Code Name Orcas Base Image: contains the OS and is a one-time download for all the Virtual PC images that lay on top of it."

    – Charlie

  12. ccalvert says:


    The correct code came with the product, but you may have to browse for it. In the references dialog, there is a browse tab, choose it, and go to your equivalent of:


  13. Klaus Enevoldsen says:

    You have previously mentioned that you have translated the May CTP samples to the January 2007 CTP. When will these samples be available to download?

  14. Welcome to the nineteenth Community Convergence. I’m Charlie Calvert, the C# Community PM, and this is

  15. Mudassar says:

    We want to create a SharperCV wrapper so that we can include a function named "Cvmoments"…Please do help us ,we are using Visual C# and VB…

    My email is mudzkhan@gmail.com

  16. Mark Heath says:

    I’ve downloaded it all and am running it in Virtual PC 2007, but I can’t get it to accept my login, despite numerous attempts to type the VPC credentials – Administrator, P2ssword

    Any suggestions?

  17. Mark Heath says:

    I’ve worked it out, by using a combination of this CTP’s password, and Septembers. P2ssw0rd works – the MSDN page is wrong.

  18. Mark Stevens says:

    Thanks to Mark Heath for getting the correct password, would someone from Microsoft please correct the information on the download page so other users don’t go throughthe same frustrating excercise!!

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