Community Convergence XVI

Welcome to the sixteenth Community Convergence. This column comes out about once a week and is designed to help keep you informed about the status of the C# development team.

As you probably all know by now, the December Orcas CTP has become the January CTP. We are sorry for the delay and expect that this technology preview should be out very soon!

I've put together a little post to help LINQ developers get started with the CTP. I've tried to document the issues I've encountered when porting my code from the May LINQ CTP to recent builds of Orcas.

Hot Articles and Blogs from the C# Team

We have lots of new posts by members of the C# team. Both Mike Hopcroft and Wes Dyer have been typing away furiously. If you are interested in LINQ, don't miss any of Wes' new blogs. He is a developer on the C# compiler team who works daily on LINQ issues. He knows the subject very well, and is providing us with a wealth of excellent material.

Hot Articles and Blogs on C#

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