New Gadgets for Live Spaces

There are a number of new gadgets to play with on You can embed most of these gadgets on your home page, or on your live spaces home page.

The new Soapbox Gadget allows you to embed movies from There is also a YouTube video player. There is a poll gadget and an HTML gadget.

They are easy to use and fun to play with, so you might have some fun with them if you have a little holiday free time.

Comments (2)

  1. I was hoping to spend any ‘holiday free time’ playing with the December Orcas CTP [hint hint] 😉

  2. ccalvert says:


    I was hoping you could also. It turns out that the "December" CTP will not come out until early January. I’m sorry about this. The hold up was related to the storm that knocked out the power here last week.

    – Charlie

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