Community Convergence XIII

Welcome to the thirteenth Community Convergence. New posts by team members, preparations for the December CTP, and the impending release of Whidbey Service Pack 1 top the news this week.

I should also mention that another public chat with the C# team is scheduled for December 12th. This one will be on LINQ to SQL, and it is scheduled for 1 PM Pacific time. I've published links to the Nov. 14 chat on the C# language, and Nov 28th chat on the C# IDE.

What's Hot in the C# World

Team News

The December Orcas CTP will be released soon. This CTP will be a regular install, and will not ship inside a Virtual Machine. It will co-exist with Visual Studio 2005.

The main feature in the CTP will be the ability to work with LINQ. These will be the first new LINQ bits we have seen since the May CTP. The December CTP is a pre-beta release. The Orcas Beta is not expected until sometime in 2007.

The team is also near the release of Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2005. Right now, I'm still exploring this issue, but I've heard that the order in which we install Service Pack 1 and the LINQ May CTP may be important. The reports I'm hearing at this time suggest that we should install the service pack first, and then the May CTP. I should have more information on this issue by the end of the week.


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