The LINQ Farm Part II: Query Expressions

In this post I’m going to explain the query expression found in my previous article on LINQ. This series of posts is designed to get first time users of LINQ up and running.  Subsequent entries will continue to explore query expressions and other basic building blocks useful to LINQ developers. Before getting started, it might be useful to review the primary goals…


Community Convergence IX

There is a new October Orcas CTP available for download and there will be several upcoming live public chats with the C# team. The CTP became available on October 30. It is again packaged in a virtual machine, but available in several small downloads rather than two big downloads. There are no significant new LINQ bits in this build….


The LINQ Farm: LINQ for Beginners

This is the first in a series of posts on C# and LINQ. These posts will describe a natural, easy to understand technique for querying data. When using LINQ, simply declare the question you want to ask, and then sit back and wait while the computer analyzes your query and finds an optimal way to retrieve your answer. The development of LINQ involved input…


Snippets ‘n XML

There is an extensive collection of Visual Studio 2005 C# snippets available for download.  In this post I’ll take a look at these snippets, and show how you can use simple XML syntax to parse the raw code that lies behind the snippets. The code used in this program can be downloaded and run in Visual Studio 2005. Snippets provide…


Community Convergence VIII

Welcome to the eighth installment of Community Convergence. This week let’s focus on two C# Wikis available on the web. The first is the MSDN Wiki, and the second is called C# Online.NET. C# Online is a traditional Wiki designed to accumulate knowledge on C#. It uses the same tools as the Wikipedia, so it…


Community Convergence VII

The C# team needs your help debugging the new Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Beta. I’ve written about this subject elsewhere, so I will refer you to that post for the details. Several questions were cleared up in my blog’s comments section. Scott Guthrie also has additional information in a post published on Oct 9. Chapter 11 from Mark Michaelis’s…


The C# Teams Needs Input on VS 2005 SP1 Beta!

The C# Team needs your help! The Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Beta needs more testers doing more testing. We need you to download the beta and start pounding on this release. This is an important release for the team, and for everyone who is using Visual Studio. The team needs lots of people testing the product,…


Optimizing C# String Performance

Strings in C# are highly optimized but also potentially very wasteful. They give programmers a safe, fast way to handle character data. However, there are a few tricks you need to know about strings and memory if you want to write efficient code. Without this information, you could easily write code that squanders both memory, and computer clock cycles. Sharing…


Vista Dog Brood I

Another day of dog fooding Vista. Everything ran smoothly today, and I didn’t encounter any serious bugs. I pushed the system fairly hard on a few occasions. I was late for a meeting at one point, and quickly closed the lid on my laptop, unplugged the network, unplugged the mouse and keyboard, and unplugged the monitor. I didn’t even think…


Old Home Week: Anders and ChuckJ

I was walking down the hall today, and looked casually in Ander’s office without really thinking about it. I went on a few steps, then suddenly had to backtrack. There was Anders Hejlsberg and Chuck Jazdzewski chatting together in one office! Ten years ago, when I was back at Borland, that would have been a very…