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Rebinding Controls in Windows Presentation Foundation

I am playing with the code for my Teched Hands on labs to dynamically rebind controls at run time and thought it might be worth breaking out separately. Particularly after the question about refreshing data in WPF The XMAL below binds to set of potential answers(see image below) the code below that will rebind the listbox… Read more

Setting the left & top properties of a WPF Control

I needed to move a XPF/XAML control programmatically and didn’t really need it animated so did the same thing i always did in Windows forms:   Button1.Left= 10 -Which of course gave me the error: Error 1 ‘Left’ is not a member of ‘System.Windows.Controls.Button’. C:\Users\chass\Documents\Usercontroltest\Usercontroltest\Page1.xaml.vb 8 9 Usercontroltest Looking at the designer i see we… Read more

I meet fishing legend Peter Pakula

Last night at the local fishermans get together one of the greatest Australian icons in game fishing, Peter Pakula gets up and does a presentation on the proposed closures of Moreton bay (which extends well into the Gold Coasts Broad Water). After the presentation I “had” to introduce myself and and see what pearls of wisdom this master… Read more

Microsoft Expression Blend Webcast

I have been dying to do a Webcast on Expression Blend since we changed the user interface and today i finally got my chance!  In this webcast i walk through some of the new user interface, animation and finish with Visual Studio Integration…. -All this while showing off my boating skills! Expression Blend: Animations and… Read more

Windows Presentation Foundation for the Macintosh (WPF/e)

During my many Windows Presentation Foundation sessions i have noted that we would have versions of WPF that is available for non windows machines! Well a beta of this is now finally available: WPF/E” (codename) Software Development Kit (SDK) Community Technology Preview Another question i typically recieved -and avoided was the general availability luckily this included in… Read more

Web 2.0 meets Windows Meda Center with Xbap

My last couple of presentations i have mentioned how media center enabled content/applications are huge new opportunity.  A couple of interesting data points on that topic: 60% of all PC’s shipped in the US are shipping with Media Center By 2008 there will be more Media Center computers than xbox consoles.  The most interesting data… Read more

GeForce 7600 fast beautiful but not working with Vista Release Candidate Builds

Over the weekend i built an AMD AM2 X2 Dual core 64 bit computer and had planned on using one of the nicest video cards i have ever seen a Gygabyte GeForce 7600 GS for pushing around Windows Presentation Foundation apps.  The reason i say nicest was construction quality and aesthetics of the card and passive… Read more

Getting Expression Interactive Designer running on later builds of Vista

I am running Vista build 5520 (and loving it finally) but had a problem installing Expression Interactive Designer. The error you would get was: “You Need to have the July 06 CTP of the .NET Framework 3.0 run-time components installed before installing Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer.”   Turns out you can force the setup to ignore… Read more

A First Look at IIS 7.0 with Eric Deily in Brisbane August 25th

Eric Deily Program Manager for IIS 7.0 is coming out for TechEd Australia and has graciously agreed to come up to Brisbane for walk through of IIS 7.0.  IIS 7.0 is taking the next big step in terms of extensibility, unification with ASP.NET, improved diagnostics, and a new admin user interface and configuration system. Here are some of… Read more