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Inserting data into a PowerBI Dataset via Flow and the REST APIs

Last week I was playing with the very cool  Rest Getting Started Sample (written in C#) that I morphed into into a big loop that deleted all the Rows in the dataset and sending a row with a random value from 1-10. The reason i did this was to demo the new Flow integration with… Read more

Calling REST APIs and Parsing JSON made simple with Power BI

Most development teams and software architecture is moving to loosely coupled service libraries based on REST APIs passing JSON objects. Traditionally this is complex programing due to threading and paging with many “simple” samples requiring 100’s of lines of C#. What most people don’t know is calling REST end points and parsing the resultant JSON… Read more

How to call REST APIs and parse JSON with Power BI

Just finished this week’s Power BI community webinar: Data Preparation is the Keystone by Reza Rad and one of the questions asked was: Can you use Power BI to call REST APIs and parse JSON? As luck would have it i was actually playing with doing exactly that and promised to do a blog post… Read more