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Power BI Streaming Datasets Hands On Lab

As part of the Data Insights Summit I will be teaching the “Dev in a Day” Pre Con with Ted Pattison.  In this lab we will be going through how to build Reports using REST End Points and parsing JSON, Embedding Reports into your Website, Creating Dashboards with Streaming Datasets (this Post), Embedding Visuals into… Read more

Processing your suggestions on Ideas.powerbi.com

In user group meetings it is common to receive feedback about ideas.powerbi.com and wanted to address some of this feedback here.  Initially i received complaints about running out of the 20 votes allotment; i tried upping this number and those complaints just restarted so I changed the voting methodology from a set # of votes… Read more

Connecting Power BI to your Visual Studio Team Services Account

I have this question often enough i wanted to walk through the experience myself and the fact that Anthony Borton (an ALM MVP was spending the weekend with me seemed like the right time!) This is also documented in the VSTS and the Power BI docs: https://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/docs/report/powerbi/connect-vso-pbi-vs https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/powerbi-content-pack-visual-studio/ The steps to get started: 1. Login… Read more

How to use Power BI alerts and Flow to send alerts to different groups based on the value of the alert

As Sirui and Ruth showed Power BI coupled with Flow solve a lot of business problems around making data more actionable:  Turn insight into action using Microsoft Flow and Power BI A simple and fun guide to Microsoft Flow and Power BI During last several Power BI presentations have asked when are we going to… Read more

Format Painter in Power BI and other color stuff

(If you want to see the color tools in action be sure to check out my @GuyinaCube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECaa_vqSwTI) How Power BI determines colors can be a bit of a mystery and i seem to spend time on aligning those colors… This was the inspiration of “my” Power Bi Color Theme tool: The Theme Master 500… Read more

April and May Webinars: Power BI Security, Flow Approvals, InfoPath migration, Deploying PowerApps, Marco Russo on Design and more!

PowerApps and Microsoft Flow Webinars   Introducing Flow Approvals: better enable People-based automation Rebuilding an InfoPath Designer form in PowerApps Microsoft Flow best practices and examples for Business Analysts by Jon Levesque Connecting to On-Premises data from PowerApps by Archana Nair And Dimah Zaidalkilani Deploying your PowerApps applications by James Oleinik Look behind the curtain… Read more

Updating your Excel and CSV datasets to point to SharePoint Online

(Removing and Automatic refresh and OneDrive from the title as just had somebody point out that i didn’t include the OneDrive directions and actually didn’t walk through that path for this effort.)     My primary role is to ensure a great customer interaction through our website, UserVoice, Webinars, MVPs, User Groups and our two… Read more

Using Flow and Power BI to track social listening through Twitter

My favorite solution template for Power BI is the Campaign/Brand Management for Twitter template that does an amazing job of analyzing your social presence through Azure Logic Apps, Machine Learning and SQL Azure For most my scenarios i don’t need all the bells and whistles of the solution template and Flow provided a very light weight… Read more

Webinars 3/30-5/31 R Script, Marketing Insights, Modeling Deep Dive, New Flow Features, Power BI Embedded and visualization best practices from Marco Russo

Using R Script with Power BI by Leila Etaati In this webinar Dr. Leila Etaati will show walk us through one her favorite topics how to take advantage of R Script with Power BI. This demo rich session will include how to use R script as a data source in Power BI desktop. Register today:… Read more