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Bluewater Season Calendar

Added as a prop for a Power BI session on how to get data from a web page.  Learn where to go for some of the best saltwater fishing experiences below. Saltwater fish have always been a bountiful legacy in the waters surrounding our lands. Blue water game fishing received world wide acclaim after Zane… Read more

Galley gone, new floor and swim platform becomes a bench seat

Last weekend got a couple more hours on the boat and finished tearing out the galley.   As you can see from the picture there is nothing really wrong with the tiny sink, the tiny refrigerator below the tiny stove…But they are just weren’t that useful, added to the “Cave” feeling of the interior and… Read more

Radio working in the new boat

From the title you wouldn’t expect this to have taken 10 hours but the process was very much like the nursery rhyme ”This is the house that Jack built”. It all started with the fact the i wanted to listen to the radio while replacing the flooring in the cabin (The floor is now done… Read more

My new project and the best way to NOT move a boat

If you have read my personal posts you already know I am into crazy projects such putting V8’s into Datsun’s.  I decided my next project would be to restore a boat…a BIG boat.  After watching Craigslist the perfect candidate came by while I was the Build conference.  -An 28 foot 1980s Tiara that didn’t get… Read more

Displaying DSC information with a Standard Horizon Chartplotter

As I indicated in an earlier post my goal is to display DCS information on my CP170 chartplotter. Well I got it working this weekend and since I couldn’t find much information about this on the web thought I would post what it looks like and how does it work.   Have a friend or… Read more

How to wire your DSC VHF to a NMEA 0183 Chartplotter so you can remove them

All the Chartplotters I have seen have water tight disconnects making them very easily removed – like my Simrad NX40(See picture) BUT all the NMEA 0183 DSC VHF radios I have seen have these same connections hardwired…. So if you wire your VHF to your Chartplotter through the dashboard or binnacle your VHF is stuck… Read more

ICOM 302 does not send out properly formatted DSC VHF messages

I have not given up on displaying DSC information from my Matrix 2150– despite the fact my Simrad NX40 does not support DSC.   My contingency plan is to use my Standard Horizon CP170 chartplotter to display this information.  I figured since CP170 does supports DSC and is all Standard Horizon wiring it should be a… Read more

Displaying AIS data on a Simrad NX40 using a Standard Horizon Matrix 2150

Working in the computer industry I realize integrating components from disparate vendors can be one of the hardest tasks you can do. In this case I started with  the seemingly simple task of displaying DSC and AIS data from one the Standard Horizon Matrix AIS receiver to my NX40 Simrad chartplotter. With AIS and DSC… Read more

Longfin Tuna fishing Washington

This summer i decided my mission in life would be to become proficient at fishing for Longfin Tuna. While the weather gods have not been exactly kind I have had a couple of successful trips and have caught a bunch of fish. So what did a learn? 1. Cedar plugs are (not) the "Bomb"? 2…. Read more

Opening day of Halibut at Westport in the new boat

I must admit i have been pretty jazzed about the May 1st Halibut opener in Westport for a quite a while…New rod holders, rewired the electronics, new lures, checking the weather every 4 hours etc etc So how did it go?  I think the pictures speak for themselves! Hang on something is wrong here…Those aren’t… Read more