Power BI

Content by Charles Sterling

PowerApps Getting Started


Getting Started (4 Topics)

  • Guided learning for PowerApps
  • Using PowerApps to build an application
  • Building blocks of PowerApps
  • Review this section

Generate an Application (3 Topics)

  • Tour of the Maker Portal
  • Forms and Controls
  • Modifying the Layout and Data

Customizing your Application (3 Topics)

  • Connect to your data
  • Browse screen
  • Using PowerApps Controls Lists, text, Navigation, Gallery, charts, Camera

Next generation shared Microsoft Business platform: Common Data Platform (2 Topics) 

  • Why use the Common Data Model
  • Manage entities

Using PowerApps in your Enterprises (3 Topics)

  • Sharing your application and managing access
  • Different Environments
  • PowerApps Administration