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Content by Charles Sterling

5/29 Webinar: Building Spectacular Power BI Dashboards with Zebra BI visuals

During Matt Allington’s webinar: Time intelligence for retail and wholesale industries with Power BI   the request was made to have a webinar on the best practices for Visualization Business Data particularly Time On Time changes.   With that in mind i have invited Andreje to come show how many of the internal teams at Microsoft are doing this… Read more

5/24 Webinar: Time intelligence for retail and wholesale industries with Power BI by Matt Allington

In this session Power BI MVP and noted book author Matt Allington will be joining from down under to deliver a Power Bi Webinar, focusing on how time intelligence can be used for analysis in these industries with Excel and Power BI. When: May 24th 2018 2pm PST Where: About Matt Allington: Matt Allington is… Read more

Webinar 5/17 A look at the Common Data Service for Apps, Common Data Service for Analytics and Power BI Insights Apps

On March 21st the Business Applications Group announced a couple of new technologies: Common Data Service for Apps, Common Data Service for Analytics and Power BI Insights Apps. In this demo heavy webinar Charles Sterling and Matthew Roche will take a tour of these new and soon-to-be offerings.  Demos to include creating PowerApps Canvas based… Read more

Email and publish Calendar in Outlook now gone…and how to get them back

Please note I am not on the Outlook team…I just use their product A LOT. In the last Office update I noticed both Publish Calendar and Email Calendar functionality were missing from my and all the other Microsoft employees Outlook….Interestingly all the docs AND product UI references this functionality as if it is remains. To… Read more

Webinar 5/9 Implementing Power BI Data Modeling with Avi Singh

In this follow up session to “Power BI Modeling Best Practices for Business Users” noted Author and Power BI MVP, Avi Singh, will dive into Power BI and walk through some real world scenarios of creating a Power BI Data Model while following the best practices Where: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJZ7doWuQ7w When: 5/9/2018 10AM PST Avi Singh is a… Read more

4/19 Webinar: Understanding Model Driven App Templates

Understanding Model Driven App Templates Introducing Casey who is now working on providing high value templates for PowerApps. Casey will be demonstrating and breaking down the components of a Model Driven App Template. Learn how to take these templates, and customize them to solve your own business objectives. When 4/19/2018 10AM PST Where: Casey Burke… Read more

Dashboard in Day Afternoon Demo

(in process) The new Dashboard in a Day training will cut the On-premises Gateway section as this is typically done by administrators  not the analysts  and to reduce the duration of the training.  This demo is designed to accompany the Dashboard in a day kick off Demo  but the afternoon demo will focus on strategies for… Read more

Dashboard in a day kick off Demo (Short Version)

We are dramatically enhancing the Dashboard in a day Power BI training to be more impactful and to be delivered in a shorter amount of time.   The ETA for these updates is ~April 18th and wanted to share a preview of these revisions -and the demo’s an instructor could potentially leverage while teaching this course…. Read more

Webinar 4/12: Getting Started with Model Driven Apps in PowerApps

Getting Started with Model Driven Apps in PowerApps Work along with Adrian as he walks you through the basics of how to get started with Model Driven Apps. He will help you to understand: -What types of apps are prime candidates for Model Driven App Builds -How to build your first Common Data Service Database… Read more

4/11 Webinar: Load Testing Power BI Applications with Visual Studio Load Test

In today’s cloud-centric and security-aware culture, proper capacity testing and application optimization is often complex and daunting. This is especially true with many of Microsoft’s SaaS offerings, like Power BI Premium. There are a number of tools available to help with functional testing and user acceptance testing, but none of these are designed to apply… Read more