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Launch Reference Information

(To be added to our blogs Nov 15th per David Lemphers)    City Venue Room Capacity Time Registration Links ADELAIDE – 21/11/2005 Microsoft Adelaide Function Room and Auditorium, Santos Building,2nd floor91 King William StreetAdelaide SA 5000 Function Room & Auditorium – Function Room: ^100 standing – Auditorium: 150 seated, – Foyer Area: 50ppl standing 6pm-9pm Adelaide:… Read more

Web Cast: How to design efficient and maintainable clustered and non-clustered indexes with Greg Linwood

  While many indexing best practices continue from SQL Server 2000, there are some new indexing features in SQL Server 2005 which you should be aware of. In this session, we first discuss how to design efficient and maintainable clustered and non-clustered indexes before drilling into the importance of query tuning with non-clustered covering indexes…. Read more

Visual Studio 2005 Launch trip report

Well i just finished the first three cities and thought i jot down how they went…   The next city is Darwin Nov 15, -hope to see you there!   Thanks, Chuck       Cairns Community Launch Wednesday Nov 2nd The Cairns user group is planning on doing a full day VS event in… Read more

What does a Developer Evangelist do?

A lot of people ask me “What does a developer Evangelist do”: my stock answer is an accurate but not very helpful “Raise developers satisfaction and perception of Microsoft”  So for my first blog entry i am including a trip report of my first .NET tour with good friend Tony Goodhew. Hopefully this will illustrate a typical developer evangelist’s day at… Read more

Dive (B)Logging

Way behind on my dive (b)logging!Solitary Islands Oct 2nd Big Cat Reality Nov 12th-14th Byron Bay Julian Rocks Nov 20th   North Stradbroke Nov 21st Solitary Islands. Oct 2nd I went to Coffs harbor and dove the famous South Solitary Islands. I must admit the diving was nicer than Cook Island but not nearly as… Read more

Gold Coast Boating

Living on the water on the Australian Gold Coast it seemed a moral imperative to get a boat for beach hopping, fishing and just tooling around.  The first step was determine my bargining position. With this information in hand i visited the local Rivera dealer who suggested i might check the local salvation army or other charity drop offs… Read more

I take up sport!

 One thing about Australians is they love their sport and after living here 3 years I thought it was time I joined in…Of course this begged this first question of “which sport”. I must admit a couple immediately came to mind such as “AV enhanced yoga” “Power Lifting Ethanol” “Mattress spelunking” “Literary Marathons”   The… Read more

Merging my private blog and work blogs

The intent was for me to keep my professional blog and personal blog in two seperate locations….unfortunately have not been maintaining this one enough to justifty this extra overhead the spoke had turned off the account…nearly losing all my posts<gasp> for that reason i am going to migrate all (5?) of my personal posts to:… Read more

WebCasts Update #2 – Audio Gremlins vanquished

  From my first Usergroup webcast attempt I have organized three more Webcasts through WWEvents/Livemeeting and by accident determined much of the phone noise was being caused by the MCI phone bridge not Live meeting. I also found out that WWEvents stops accepting registrants if you list the event as a “Live Web Cast”- so… Read more

Teched Content Owner for 2006

I must admit the last four years has been a learning experience but it is time to pass the reins to somebody else -& this year’s victim is none other than our very own Michael Kleef…so if you have any content requests like 10 sessions on building Xbox games or double the number of sessions  swing by his… Read more