Power BI

Content by Charles Sterling

Webinar 10/2: Creative DAX solutions by Philip Seamark

Did you know the DAX language is far more capable than merely running a SUM over a column, or counting rows in a table? DAX sits on top of one of the fastest databases around, and this webinar will explore some unusual and creative scenarios that you may not have thought of as feasible. The… Read more

Presentation Skills … a la Chuck by Willy-Peter Schaub

I have done lots of presentation skills sessions and with MSDN cleaning up old blogs I didn’t want to lose my dear friend’s (Willy-Peter Schaub) write up and kind words.  Reprinting with his permission *********************** Charles, alias Chuck, who works with us in the DevX Customer and Project Management team, is hosting internal, interactive, informal, invaluable and… Read more

See Power BI Preview Features in action at the Power BI World Tour

With the Power BI Release Notes you can get visibility into the future of the Power platform and what the PowerApps, Flow and Power BI teams are planning.  https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/business-applications-release-notes/October18/intelligence-platform/. We are proud to announce at the up coming Power BI World Tour we will be showing many of these features live in demos and break… Read more

9/20 Webinar: Comments in Power BI -a new hub to discuss data and collaborate by Nikhil Gaekwad

This week’s Webinar, Power BI Program Manager Nikhil Gaekwad will look at how you can directly add comments to dashboards and specific visuals to discuss your data.  You can also pull people into your conversation by @mentioning others within your organization. Commenting is tightly integrated with Power Bi mobile, so those you’ve @mentioned will quickly… Read more

James Phillips Announced as the User Group Summit Phoenix Keynote

User groups are one of the best and easiest ways to get started with a new technology such as the Microsoft Power Platform.   If you aren’t familiar with the Microsoft Power Platform it enables a powerful, point-and-click approach to app building.  Making it easy for anyone familiar with Microsoft Office to customize and extend Dynamics 365… Read more

9/27 webinar: Using SVG Images in Power BI with David Eldersveld

In this webinar David Eldersveld shows how you can work with SVG images as Image URLs in Power BI. In the August update Power BI was enhanced to enable the dynamic creation of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) images making it now it is possible to create measures that dynamically update to account for user selections… Read more

9/11 Webinar: New Power BI tools and new templates including a walk through of Cool Blue and the layout Purple Haze

In this upcoming webinar, the owners of PowerBI.Tips and Power BI MVPs, Seth Bauer and Mike Carlo join me again to share with you their ever increasing grab bag of Power BI Tricks, Tips and Tools they have published to http://PowerBI.Tips in recent months.  Demo’s to include some of the latest tips, and a whole slew of… Read more

Background Images not appearing in Power BI Desktop (Dashboard in a Day Training Update)

Finishing up the University of Washington Data Visualization course last night and wanted to show the students how powerful and easy using a background image can be for creating stunning reports.  (For great examples of this in action please see http://Powerbi.tips/layouts). This technique is something we also highlight  in our core training called “Dashboard In Day”…. Read more

Connect with the Microsoft Power BI Team at Power Summit Phoenix October 15-18 in Phoenix, AZ

            Bringing all the local user groups together for collaboration, networking and hands-on learning opportunities You’re invited to join Microsoft at Power Summit Phoenix, held October 15-18 in Phoenix, AZ at the Phoenix Convention Center. Hosted by the Power Platform User Groups, this inaugural event blends special access to Microsoft leadership with credible peer-to-peer knowledge… Read more

Webinar 8/16: Building a KPI Scorecard w/ Custom Visuals in Power BI with Reid Havens

Back in the control room with local favorite and Power BI User Group leader Reid Havens covering  Building a KPI Scorecard w/ Custom Visuals in Power BI. In this week’s webinar, Reid will show us that, knowing the right visuals or DAX to build out a high level scorecard report can be challenging. Learn about some… Read more