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Spending more time in Perth

As you may have seen David Lemphers will be changing his role and will be focusing on Microsoft Dynamics.  As a result we needed somebody to cover Western Australia-and I instantly volunteered!  In talking to Dave he had a plan where he was coming out every 2 months and was making himself available for 1-3 days.  I plan to change… Read more

WCF clients generated with svcutil.exe failing with error: SecurityNegotiationException

I have been having challenges creating Windows Communication Foundation (WFC) Clients on my Windows Vista computer using Svcutil.exe and just found the cause: It was due to the identity tag the SVCUTIL utility is adding to the clients app.config.  Removing this tag enabled my application to run on Windows Vista just fine! I have included both the tag… Read more

Forum Software for ASP.NET 2.0

A local non profit organization wanted to create a website primarily for forums and discussions….I indicated i would be more than happy to volunteer some of my time if they needed a hand.   They were ecstatic and indicated if i could add a small section they would be over the moon!.   So i opened up their… Read more

hmm 5 things about me….

 Well Kleefy tagged me with the meme challenge and i promised him i would deliver. So here goes nothing. 1.  I suffer from stagefright so badly i once fainted during a presentation. 2.  I once attended a formal microsoft evening event wearing a shawl passing it off as a kilt.  3.  I broke up a pending marriage with… Read more

Development environment virtualization

More than one customer has asked me about “Development environment Virtualization”. Basically this scenario consists in the ability of a developer to log  on a “Terminal Server” or run a Virtualized environment and have access to everything he/her needs to work (VS, Office and so on).   I have seen a couple of different implementations… Read more