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Visual Studio 2005 Upgrading COM+ Components –closer!

I have been getting a lot of questions on Upgrading and thought I would check to see if the VS 2005 Upgrade Wizard is capable of doing COM+ objejcts as unfortunately the article What’s New with the Visual Basic Upgrade Wizard in Visual Basic 2005 skirts this topic.  Long story short the current builds of… Read more

Congratulations to the 5 new Australian/New Zealand MVP’s

Congratulations to the 5 new Australian/New Zealand MVP’s – Well done Guys!! 1: Alister Jones: Visual Developer – ASP/ASP.NET 2: Philip Beadle: Visual Developer – ASP/ASP.NET 3: Dominic Ryan: Windows Server – IIS 4: Lukas Svoboda: Visual Developer – Solutions Architect 5: Riki June: Windows – Windows Embedded… Read more

23 TechEd Australia Submissions to date and format change

I have changed the format of my teched submissions to use articles instead of blog entries to decrease the amount of traffic across folks RSS readers-per the request of the folks subscribing to my blog. Please find below the 23 submissions to date; this rollup and the other event details can be found at: http://blogs.msdn.com/charles_sterling/articles/345959.aspx Thanks Chuck… Read more

[Teched Sessions Suggestion] Authentication is strange

Session Title:   Authentication is strange Abstract:   Got 2 factor authentication? Considering it? What if you could walk straight past all that expensive gear and get in with just a password anyway? There are so many standards supported, you may just find you can do more than you thought. This session looks into authentication, how it… Read more

[Teched Sessions Suggestion] Vulnerability Scanning and Service Reduction

  Session Title:   Vulnerability Scanning and Service Reduction Abstract:   Abstract There is a common thread running through security circles. The perimeter is softening. Gone are the days of the firewall being the most important device on the network for security. Standard network functionality like VPN’s, Web Interfaces, Citrix, Extranets and more mean the the hole… Read more

[Teched Sessions Suggestion] What SQL Server 2005 has to offer for VLDB environments

Session Title:   Companies have recognised the benefits of going to SQL Server and consequently done so. Now a recurring issue is how to manage mission critical VLDB environments where backups, restores, re-indexing, database consistency checks, etc take so much longer as databases grow upwards of 100GB in size. This session will examine what offerings SQL… Read more

[Teched Sessions Suggestion] Internal Architecture of SQL 2005

Session Title:   Internal Architecture of SQL 2005 Abstract:   Whether you’re a developer or a DBA, the more you know the internal of your RDBMS the more empowered you are to develop, tune or troubleshoot your environment. This session would focus on the internal architecture of SQL Server 2005, focusing on the differences between earlier versions… Read more

[Teched Sessions Suggestion] Upgrading to SQL Sever 2005

Session Title:   Upgrading to SQL Sever 2005 Abstract:   Upgrading to SQL Server 2005 is more than just running some automated process. Session will look at the upgrade process. But major focus will be on how you examining how you might want to redesign you databases (with what if any impact) to take advantage of the… Read more

[Teched Sessions Suggestion] BI Portal – Getting BI to the masses

Session Title:   BI Portal – Getting BI to the masses Abstract:   BI Portal is a freely downloadable application for delivering Business Intelligence through Sharepoint Technologies. It acts as a wrapper for Office Web Components. This session covers lessons learnt in implementing BI Portal based systems. Office Web Components is the key to BI Portals success,… Read more

[Teched Sessions Suggestion] Analysis Server Cube Design – Best Practice

Session Title:   Analysis Server Cube Design – Best Practice Abstract:   So you need to build some cubes. This session covers tips and tricks learnt through years of hands on experience. It won’t be a surprise to discover that there are common themes in what users desire, independent of technologies utilised eg SQL 2000 v’s 2005…. Read more