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(PP an acronym short for Power Platform)


In addition to all the custom training by the Power BI Partners, the development team works on additional courses that may assist you in your training efforts.  This page was created to serve as a directory for these efforts:

Finished that are updated regularly

  1. Visualizing Data EDX Course (best recommendation for self paced training)
  2. Instructor-led Dashboard in a Day (DIAD)
  3. Instructor-led Dashboard in an Hour (DIAH)
  4. Developer in a Day with Power BI
  5. App In A Day with PowerApps and Flow (now improved to include Power BI!)
  6. Advanced Visualization with Power BI
  7. Advanced Modeling with Power BI
  8. Advanced Data Shaping with Power BI

Final Revisions

  1. Administrator in a Day (Draft)

Best Effort:

  1. NEW:  Excel “Better Together” BI training*
  2. Azure Analysis Services Training*
  3. Connector in a Day

NEW:  Excel “Better Together” BI training

Announcing soon on, Demos.Microsoft.Com you will find an entire walk through demo of how to use Excel as both the presentation tier and data model in a BI solution.   Additionally this link will take you to an entire day long Excel based BI class delivered internal to Microsoft to show Excel practitioners how they can solve their BI needs with the tool they are already familiar with  -Excel.

*For reference only not for distribution.

Dashboard in a Day

Dashboard in a Day (DIAD) is a 1 Day hands-on workshop for Business Analysts, covering the breadth of Power BI capabilities.

At the end of the day, attendees will better understand how to:

  • Connect to, import, and transform data from a variety of sources
  • Define business rules and KPIs
  • Explore your data with powerful visualization tools
  • Build stunning reports
  • Share your dashboards with your team and/or the world

All DIAD workshop assets; presenter deck, demo scripts, step-by-step student Hands-on-Lab and dataset, plus a train the trainer video on how to execute a successful event, are updated monthly by the Power BI engineering team and are offered for free to all Partners.

The DIAD assets are split into 2 parts:

Instructor content: which includes Presentation decks, Demo Scripts and train the trainer material, can be downloaded here.

Attendee content: which includes the Lab Manual and datasets, can be downloaded here.

The guidance for using the content is:

  1. Partners cannot make any changes to the dataset.
  2. If partners want to make any changes to the content, then they should brand the event as DIAD.
  3. The person presenting should be very familiar with Power BI and be able to answer any customer questions related to the workshop or Power Bi in general.

We are definitely open to feedback and enhancing the content and would love to hear and take feedback and iterate.

Please send your feedback to diadq@microsoft.com

If you are a customer looking to attend a DIAD, please reach out to your Microsoft representative or check our partner training offers in the Consulting Services Marketplace.

Feel free to print and distribute to students.

Power BI Developer in a Day

Power BI for Developers  Full Day Workshop Level: 300 (Advanced). This course targets developer who want to leverage Power BI in their applications, or want to extend Power BI features with custom visuals. It’s an advanced course where you will learn what Power BI platform has to offer developers including:

• Embedding Power BI content into web applications

• Power BI REST API and using it in custom .NET applications

• Streaming data concepts; pushing data into real-time dashboards.

• Introduction to Custom Visuals; creating new visuals (overview only)

Prerequisites:Familiarity with Power BI content creation (i.e., modeling, report building, publishing to service)Familiarity with .Net, PowerShell and JavaScript basics are highly desirable Power BI Pro account (60 day free trial is sufficient)

Feel free to print and distribute to students.


Administrator in a Day (final review)

Need to come up to speed fast on the administration for Power BI? Then this all day course is for you!

In this Hands on Session, Charles Sterling, is going to walk through the Microsoft Power BI administration and the management of a Power BI tenant, including the configuration of tenant settings, usage monitoring, and provisioning of licenses, and other organizational resources. The job is to make business users productive and ensure security and compliance with laws and regulations. This session covers the typical admin tasks and tools, such as Power BI admin portal and Office 365 admin center, and how to automate them by using administrative APIs and PowerShell cmdlets.  Specific Hands  labs around  using capacities in Power BI, safely sharing Power BI assets and finally using the Power BI audit log to optimize your Power BI Usage.


Advanced Modeling with Power BI

This course will walk through parsing data modeling formulas, using DAX to create calculations, consequences of data model design decisions, concepts of calculated columns and measures, with particular focus on patterns & CALCULATE.

Feel free to print and distribute to students.

Advanced Visualization with Power BI

Gain familiarity with Power BI report layouts and structure the agile process to creating Power BI data visualizations. Understand the art behind visualizations, implications behind choosing the right charts, the impact of color, shape and size, and finally the use of Power BI custom visuals.

Feel free to print and distribute to students.

Advanced Data Shaping with Power BI

At high level this session will cover, using Power BI Desktop to import and shape data from a variety of different sources. Specifically, you will be able to: Understand the Power BI Desktop data model, the components of effective schemas, gain an understanding of the Power Query M language, import data from a variety of sources (including XLS and CSV files), create queries using toolbar navigations and Advanced Editor, understand parameters and finally, organize queries using folders.

Feel free to print and distribute to students.

Azure Analysis Services Training

A set of content to help you get started deliver training on Azure Analysis Services.

*NOTE: Please reuse for training efforts but note not completed and not to be delivered to students in current state.