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Webinar 2/8: The one-stop-shop solution for social networking using PowerApps and Microsoft Flow by Daniel Christian

  Daniel is a new PowerApps MVP and one of those rare individuals that is at home in PowerApps as Flow as SharePoint and even Power BI.  Definitely looking forward to having back on this weeks webinar on one of my favorite topics…Social networking! The one-stop-shop solution for social networking using PowerApps and Flow With the… Read more

Walk through of using the PowerApps custom visual in Power BI

This blog post will walk through how to get started with this new exciting custom visual for Power BI with real time datasets using the application from the App in a Day training. I have also created a very short video for the beginning steps which can be found here: https://aka.ms/powerappscustomvisualvideo Walk through Steps: 1…. Read more

Pasting into a O365 SharePoint List from Excel

Walking through one of the initial drafts of the the Power of SharePoint paper; one of the first things Michael (the author) has you do is load the SharePoint List from Excel via pasting an entire range. Regardless of what I did;  the directions simply did not work for me!  Turns out to ensure I… Read more

What is New and Exciting in Power BI, Power BI Visuals in R and ESRI Deep Dive Webinars Dec 8, 13 and 15

What is new and exciting in Power BI With weekly and monthly releases, there are a lot of fantastic new features to explore. In this session, we will cover an overview of what has been released in Power BI. We will be covering the new collaboration features in the cloud-based business analytics service the new… Read more

Controlling how dates are displayed in a PowerApps application.

Seems that internationalization is a theme today! In this customer request a PowerApps application creator wanted to know how to control how the date is displayed in their application.  Just like i mentioned in my previous post Forcing PowerApps to a specific Language; PowerApps picks up this setting from the Windows Setting. That said it… Read more

Forcing PowerApps to a specific Language

One thing i get to do is hang out with the Support Team and they received an interesting case….A customer was getting their PowerApps website displaying in Czechoslovakian.     As most would guess PowerApps defaults to Locale sent by the browser header information which in turn is pick up by your Windows settings.  For more… Read more

Oct 6th Leveraging SharePoint Data with PowerApps Webinar by James Oleinik

  Leverage SharePoint Data with PowerApps In this webinar Senior Program Manager, Jame Oleinik, will walk you through how easy it is to use PowerApps to build line of business Applications against your existing SharePoint Data. As part of the demos James will show how to leverage SharePoint lists, displaying this data in your prototypical… Read more

Getting Started with PowerApps webinar Sept 29th

PowerApps is a service for creating, managing and using custom business apps across platforms. PowerApps connects to your existing systems and data sources securely, allows you to build apps, forms, and workflows without writing code, and lets you publish apps instantly for web and mobile. In this webinar, Linh will showcase how you can easily… Read more