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Types of fishing, Rod and Reel selection for the Gold Coast (offshore fishing)

Sitting, on a plane on my way to Melbourne (second time in three days) I thought I would cover off gear selection. While I prefer big game trolling this style of fishing may not make the most sense as the fish may be down deep, not present, not hitting trolling lures etc all of which… Read more

TechEd Keynote Speaker -who do YOU want?

We are going through the list of potential TechEd keynote speakers and would like to include you folks to see who you would like: Some Suggestions thus far: Don Box Paris Hilton – Not if i have anything to do with it!  Dr Harry Shum Helen Clark Afterburners 10 back to back Demo’s of what is new/upcoming Your Suggestions… Read more

6 Blue tooth remote controlled cars given out at TechEd

Something i have been working on  is to have a race track at TechEd -and giving away the cars at the end of the event! The cars will be given out on the last day (Friday) at the “Mobile Industry Showcase and Remote Control Car Awards” session (abstract below) for the racers with the fastest… Read more

Business Applications & Business Intelligence Track at TechEd.

Business Applications & Business Intelligence Track at TechEd.   The next step in the TechEd content process is to list, prioritize and start culling to come up with the top 13 sessions.  The list below is my first pass at prioritization and includes the removal of all the MBS content (seen below   Priority Title… Read more

TechEd Australia Agenda

(Red just means confirmed flights and this agenda is still missing the 32 Cabana Sessions and Industry Showcase track)   Wednesday 31 August                               Architecture Desktop and Smart Client Database Administration Developer Tools Business Intelligence Messaging and Collaboration Security Windows Server… Read more

Dive (B)Logging

Way behind on my dive (b)logging!Solitary Islands Oct 2nd Big Cat Reality Nov 12th-14th Byron Bay Julian Rocks Nov 20th   North Stradbroke Nov 21st Solitary Islands. Oct 2nd I went to Coffs harbor and dove the famous South Solitary Islands. I must admit the diving was nicer than Cook Island but not nearly as… Read more

Business Intelligence and Applications Track

We are getting closer!  Combining your input, speaker availability and their skills the list below is the result… Thanks, Chuck Business Intelligence and Applications (abstracts below) Business Intelligence and Applications Track Learn how to easily integrate, manage, analyze and report on all of your corporate data, using Windows Server System and SQL Server 2005. Find… Read more

What does a Developer Evangelist do?

A lot of people ask me “What does a developer Evangelist do”: my stock answer is an accurate but not very helpful “Raise developers satisfaction and perception of Microsoft”  So for my first blog entry i am including a trip report of my first .NET tour with good friend Tony Goodhew. Hopefully this will illustrate a typical developer evangelist’s day at… Read more


The day didn’t start out well (got skunked fishing) and when a nice old lady from the neighborhood pulled out in front of me it didn’t get any better! Coming back from my neighbors 4 blocks away i had a nice old lady pull out in front of me on my YZF 1000 (motorcycle); not having a… Read more

Smart Client and Mobility Track at TechEd

Smart Client and Mobility Track at TechEd Each of our 8 tracks only have room for 13 sessions -so now comes the hard part: I narrow down the 70+ potential sessions to our 13 sessions.  What you see you below is the first and very rough draft of an order process….     Old Ordering… Read more