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Content by Charles Sterling

8/2 Webinar: See how PowerApps and PowerBI can provide school teachers the apps with reports they need by Daniel Christian

Join Charles Sterling and Daniel Christian as Daniel covers how PowerApps and PowerBI can provide school teachers the apps with reports. Session Abstract: Education should be the #1 priority and school teachers should be provided all the tools they need. PowerApps, Flow and Power BI can be part of those tools. In this webinar Daniel… Read more

7/19/18 Webinar: Next Generation Location and Data Analysis using Mapbox and Power BI

Join me as I connect with Sam Gehret and walk through how Mapbox and Power BI can use location data to tell your story using next generation maps.   Where: http://community.powerbi.com/t5/Webinars-and-Video-Gallery/Next-Generation-Location-and-Data-Analysi…   When: 7/19/18 10am PST   If you are not familiar with Mapbox, it is the location data platform for mobile and web applications. They provide… Read more

University of Washington Data Visualization Course special lecture/industry showcase

I must admit i was pretty honored when asked to host the last semester of the Data Visualization Course for the University of Washington.   In addition to meeting some really cool people I will be the first to admit I probably learned more from the experience than the students in preparing for the lectures!   (For instance i now know… Read more

Salmon fishing Washington with some of the Power BI MVPs

In a couple of days a a bunch of the Power BI MVPs are in town for the Microsoft Business Applications Summit.  While here i offered to take some of them (Mike Carlo, Seth Bauer, and Phil Seamark) out Salmon fishing and a couple of weeks ago Phil asked me how we will be fishing. While… Read more