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Content by Charles Sterling

Dashboard in a day kick off Demo (Short Version)

We are dramatically enhancing the Dashboard in a day Power BI training to be more impactful and to be delivered in a shorter amount of time.   The ETA for these updates is ~April 18th and wanted to share a preview of these revisions -and the demo’s an instructor could potentially leverage while teaching this course.

The “theme” of the demo is “Take Action from Insight” and should take ~20 minutes.

Step 1.  Introduction to Power BI Desktop and bringing in the Data

Using the walk Dashboard in a Day walk through directions create a Power BI Report and in import the dataset.

What Data Shaping features you cover and how much time are up you.   That said suggested duration is ~5 minutes.

Step 2.  Creating the Report

At this point walk the audience through the addition of adding Visual to the Power BI design canvas.  Including Slicers and different visuals.  Note as the next step is data discovery you will need at the very least Revenue by Country , Revenue by Date and a slicer for Manufactures (note this Visual now supports Graphics!).   Suggested duration is ~5 minutes. 

Step 3.  Styling the Report

Definitely a wow moment in the demo.  These first three things literally transforms the report

  1. Set the background Image to one of the templates supplied
  2. Apply the supplied theme.
  3. Add the Vanarsdel company logo
  4. Move the visuals around enough to sit on the background template image

Recommended Duration ~3 minutes

Step 4.  Data Discovery – Finding Business Insight

The Dashboard in day dataset shows that Sept 29th Australia saw some unusual sales peaks and started trend of a lucrative increase.  While the sales data highlights this pleasant anomaly it isn’t until you go to the DAID Dashboard and open the “Social Listening Report” that you can identify the cause was due to a tweet that went viral.

Please use the Dashboard in a day walk through to show this “story”.   Recommended Duration ~3 minutes

(note to self: to do: need to put the Australia Sales into the abbreviated Sales Demo dataset)

Step 5. Take Action from Insight

Using your Partner DIAD credentials log into the DIAD Tenant, navigate to the “DIAD” Workspace and Open the Report named DIADDemo.  (You can also do the Data discovery with this version and the complete Sales Data).

In the tab titled: PowerApps ToDo, add the PowerApps Custom Visual to the blank area…if there is  already one that remove it.  After adding the PowerApps visual drag the fields: Logo and Name to the PowerApps Data well and select “Choose App”.

Select the “DIADDemo” PowerApp application and show the students that you can Tweet, update a real time data set and add rows to a SharePoint list https://powerbimvps.sharepoint.com/sites/diad/Lists/TwitterData/AllItems.aspx (or practically any data source)  directly from the Product Report. The Twitter account is: _https://twitter.com/DIAD_Account.

Also be sure to show that when you selecting a segment in the WordCloud custom visual filters the data DIRECTLY IN THE POWER APP!

Suggested duration is ~3 minutes. 

Step 5. Taking it to the Dashboard -in Real Time!

The Dashboard in a Day dashboard leverage four different reports and datasets:

  1. The Vanarsdel sales data
  2. The Vanarsdel Social listening data pool and reports
  3. The real time outbound campaign data
  4. The real time inbound Twitter feeds

To Demo the Dashboard in a Day dashboard, pin the PowerApps custom visual to the Power BI dashboard “DIAD Dashboard”.  (See image below).

In the dashboard you can see there is a tile with a lightening bolt…This is a real time tile bound to a real time dataset that the PowerApps is updating (through flow which along with updating a real time dataset is sending out Tweets is updating a SharePoint list).

If you add the tags to the tweets #DIAD or #Vanarsdel Or if you students tweet something with those tags to the the DIAD_Account you also see them appear in the table at the bottom of the Dashboard.

Note: The tweets may take a while to display and it is easy to get lost in this portion of the demo just playing!!!

Suggested duration REALLY is ~5 minutes.