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Webinar 4/12: Getting Started with Model Driven Apps in PowerApps

Getting Started with Model Driven Apps in PowerApps

Work along with Adrian as he walks you through the basics of how to get started with Model Driven Apps. He will help you to understand:
-What types of apps are prime candidates for Model Driven App Builds
-How to build your first Common Data Service Database
-How to navigate the user interface and designer components to build an quick app survey
-How to share and test your new model driven app

When: 4/12/2018

Where: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buDDSzJTgns


Adrian Orth

With a 25 year history delivering high performance software and a background including: Engineering studies at North Dakota State Univerity, a Technical Manager at Accenture and a Technical Manager at Navitaire. This 12 year Microsoft veteran is now a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft in charge of enabling business analysts to create and deliver enterprise-grade applications with the Common Data Service for Apps. In his down time you can find Adrian on the slopes snow skiing with his kids or helping out with the latest Boyscott Troop 279 charity event.