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4/11 Webinar: Load Testing Power BI Applications with Visual Studio Load Test

In today’s cloud-centric and security-aware culture, proper capacity testing and application optimization is often complex and daunting. This is especially true with many of Microsoft’s SaaS offerings, like Power BI Premium. There are a number of tools available to help with functional testing and user acceptance testing, but none of these are designed to apply the necessary load for stressing the services.

The proper way to handle driving load against these services is by using a protocol level traffic generator, like Visual Studio’s Load Testing Framework. However, building reliable webtests to use in the Load Tests requires a knowledge of HTTP level authentication schemes and an understanding of the service’s API schema, among many other things.

Luckily, Visual Studio’s Load Testing Framework is highly extensible and offers a way to automate many of the steps required to prepare webtests for proper execution. Join us as Geoff Gray (CTO of Gray Test Consulting) shows us how to design and use a webtest recorder plugin to build webtests that will work against Power BI Premium portals. As a bonus, you will also have access to some sample code that you can use to build your own recorder plugin.


When: 4/11/2018 10 AM PST

Where: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFbCh5TaR4w

The Addin Geoff built can be found here:



About Gray Test Consulting

About Geoff Gray

I am a Senior Load and Performance Test Consultant with a degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering and extensive experience helping companies in the IT industry improve their applications’ stability, maintainability and performance while also teaching them how to manage these environments moving forward.

I specialize in short-term, mission-critical, high-visibility efforts, navigating through unknown issues and driving discovery and remediation of complex issues across multiple teams to meet tight deadlines. I also focus heavily on training and knowledge-transfer, ensuring that all of my work and processes are clearly understood by the people I am helping. I believe strongly in “teaching people how to fish.” Much of my experience was earned during my 24+ years working for Microsoft in technical delivery roles.