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Power BI Community Super Users…aka the PowerBI.Com Super Hero’s

We have 15 Super users on the Community.PowerBi.com site and i wanted to thank these amazing individuals for their tireless efforts!

Thank you!


Greg Deckler

MVP, Community Super User Director at Fusion Alliance and the Cloud Practice Manager.

Greg is an active member in the Columbus IT community, founded the Columbus Azure ML, Power BI User Group (CAMLPUG) and has over

6,333 Replies with incredible 2072 Kudos!



Philip Seamark

Phil is an author, Microsoft Data Platform MVP and an experienced database and business intelligence (BI) professional with a deep knowledge of the Microsoft B.I. stack along with extensive knowledge of data warehouse (DW) methodologies and enterprise data modelling.  He has 25+ years experience in this field and an active member of Power BI community.

1,945 answers with 590 kudos!


Seth Bauer

Seth Bauer is a Technical Architect with Concurrency Inc. and is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP (Power BI). He is a leader of the Milwaukee “Brew City” Power BI User Group in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, and he is also a member of the PUG Board of Advisors. He has partnered with Mike Carlo and produces tools and PowerBI related content on PowerBI.tips and he is a major contributor in the Microsoft Power BI Community forum. He loves PowerBI and enjoys sharing what he’s learned with the user Community via speaking, blogging and answering questions in the forums and recently  anointed Power BI Super User with 3,096 answers and 1343 Kudos


Zubair Asif

Zubair is a Chartered Accountant and a CFA charter holder currently working as Financial Analyst in Saudi Telecom..

Zubair was obsessed with Microsoft Excel and VBA before he discovered this wonderful Power BI world.  Zubair has a website www.excelnaccess.com which he started with his first love, Excel Add_Ins and posts regarding Excel…but now tends to post on Power BI topics.  One of newest super users with 1,479 answers and an amazing 628 Kudos!


Parv Chana

I ran to Parv at the Vancouver Power BI user group and the second he introduced himself I knew two things



Wasn’t until recently i found out he was actually one of our top contributors on community.powerbi.com

1,392 answers and 286 kudos

Gilbert Quevauvilliers

Gilbert was recently awarded a Microsoft Valuable Professional award for Power BI. According to Gilbert Power BI is the logical choice in terms to creating insights, being cost effective and providing dashboards and reports on Web, Mobile or in Apps out of the box.

Proven competencies in the implementation of data analytic solutions from the ground up. Which included developing data warehouses, SSAS Cubes and most recently Power BI solutions for customers in various business sectors.

Gilbert as been providing Power BI Solutions to customers since the inception of Power BI in July 2015 with over 1,600 answers and 456 Kudos to date


Ankit Patira

Definitely one of the unsung hero’s on the Power BI forums! Ankit is a BI / Data Analytics consultant and Passionate about everything Data and Cloud.

Ankit has over 1,600 Replies and 707 Kudos



Victor Velarde

Experiencia brindando consultoría sobre Power BI en Finanzas, Comercial, Planeamiento y Proyectos.

Experto en DAX y Super Contributor del Foro Oficial de Power BI

Analista de la Industria de TI con 1,377 answers y 667 Kudos



Miguel Felix

The most unassuming of our super users…running down a picture and his bio now!

1,078 answers 



Thomas “Tom” Martens

Thomas “Tom” Martens works as Principal Consultant BI & Analytics at Alegri International Service GmbH (www.alegri.eu). For 20+ years Tom delivers Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Analytics solutions. His current interest is about the visualization of data and applying analytical methods to small and large amounts of data. Tom is a regular speaker at the PASS Hamburg, Power BI User Group, PASS Camp, and also SQL Server Konferenz with over 700 answers and 263 kudos.