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Webinar 3/20 2PM PST Advanced Tricks on manipulating structured JSON (and XML) data with Flow by John Liu

(Please note date change!!)

John rejoins me for a continuation of his advanced series on Microsoft Flow:

Advanced Tricks on manipulating structured JSON (and XML) data with Flow by John Liu

If you are using Flow as a Serverless middleware platform to manipulate objects to connect between endpoints and services, from Office 365 to Dynamics, PowerApps to PowerBI, then you need to be familiar with the techniques of structured data manipulation in Microsoft Flow – how to read it, how to debug it, and how to master it.  This session will give that information -and more!


This session covers these building block techniques:

Create ad-hoc objects, add/edit/removeProperties

First tip: Colour

Coalesce, Union

Select (map), filter-array, join

Parse-JSON action – why you need this, and why most of the time you don’t.

Compare variables and compose.

Discuss roles of XML, XPath and Flow-Each technique.

JSON Pivot

Will finish with a brief mention of Liquid templates


Where: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqdbM8Z-4G4

When: 3/20/2018 2pm PST (note: this is different than my normal time!)

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About John Liu


John is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in Office Server and Services (SharePoint)


John is a Senior Consultant based in Sydney for SharePoint Gurus.  He specializes and blogs (johnliu.net) frequently on client-side scripting, custom development, workflows and Forms. Originally from a long technical background with .NET, he made the jump to focus and work with numerous SharePoint and Office projects for the last decade.  John loves to find ways to bring the latest web technologies to the Office world, applying them to extend your business’ capabilities.


In recent years, John is very much in love with the Serverless technology stack – Azure Functions, Microsoft Flow (Azure Logic Apps), API management and Function proxies.


John is a frequent speaker at SharePoint Conference, SharePoint Saturday, Microsoft Ignite and Office 365 events around Australia, and helps organizing the Sydney SharePoint User Group (e.g. consuming all the pizza).