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Content by Charles Sterling

Creating Power BI Support Cases

Creating a Power BI Support Case should be as simple as:

1. Go to http://support.powerbi.com

2.  Scroll to the bottom, click the button: “Create Support Ticket”


3. Login with a Power BI Pro Account (no trial will not work)

4.  Describe your issue (see dialog below)

5.  Verify we don’t already have an answer

6.  Choose “Continue to Support ticket”


7. Supply the requested information.

Upon completion your case will get sent directly to the Power BI Team, you will get your case number and told our SLA is:

Support is provided during business hours in the United States and currently only supported in English. Expect to hear from us within one business day.



But what happens if i can not create case?

A couple of scenarios for this:

  1. I am using a Trial Account and don’t want to upgrade?
  2. The issue is logging into my account?
  3. The creation process itself has an error


1. I am using a Trial Account and don’t want to upgrade?

To create Power BI support cases you need a pro account…but there will be times you don’t want to lose your remaining trial duration or the issue only occurs with Trial Accounts.

To get around this you can always create a new user or a couple of hundred (this is free)…And purchase a $9 Power BI license to apply to one of those accounts to create the case with.



2. I can not create a case due to either the process is broken for me OR the issue is my account.

While this will require an additional routing step, you can create Power BI cases from Support.Microsoft.com

1. Go to http://Support.Microsoft.com


2. Supply the information causing the issue


3. Depending on what Power BI question you will be given some potential answers and a query if that answered your question.

Answering “NO” will give you “Talk to a Person”

Which will display the following dialog.  While Power BI is not listed please select Office and the closest issue available.

At this point a case will be created, a person will contact you to verify the fact you have a Power BI Pro Account and what the underlying issue is.

This will in turn get routed to the Power BI team who will then get back to you.












If you get the following error while attempting to create a support case at PowerBI.com please retry from a Private Browser Session


That didn’t work

We’re sorry, but chass@powerbimvps.onmicrosoft.com can’t be found in the microsoft.sharepoint.com directory. Please try again later, while we try to automatically fix this for you.