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Content by Charles Sterling

Avoid email notifications from Office Groups when adding people to groups when embedding Power BI into SharePoint pages

I am sitting in the Seattle SharePoint Saturday and one of the attendee’s asked how to suppress the welcome message sent from adding people to the Office 365 group. When you embed a Power BI report into a SharePoint page only the members of the Office Group will be able to see the report….even if… Read more

Using Power BI and Application Insights REST APIs to gain insight into your application health

Reporting on Application Insights REST APIs with Power BI · Developers can access their Application Insights data (events, metrics & analytics queries) using REST APIs from https://dev.applicationinsights.io/ To Demo this: · Open https://dev.applicationinsights.io/ to demo REST APIs using the fabrikamprod resource. REST APIs are one of the ways to access your Application Insights Data (in… Read more

Power BI Embedded to solve Enterprise Purchasing Challenges

At Microsoft we are lucky in that our IT organization has made acquiring Power BI Pro licenses very easy.  But our internal teams still need the features of the new capacity offering, like larger dataset sizes, the 48 data refreshes per day and 100 TB of Storage and unfortunately due to the fact purchasing capacity… Read more