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Content by Charles Sterling

Processing your suggestions on Ideas.powerbi.com

In user group meetings it is common to receive feedback about ideas.powerbi.com and wanted to address some of this feedback here. 

Initially i received complaints about running out of the 20 votes allotment; i tried upping this number and those complaints just restarted so I changed the voting methodology from a set # of votes across ALL ideas to enabling  ONE vote of every idea.   The next complaint was not responding to ideas in a timely manner.   I helped create the Visual Studio User Voice and signed the development teams to triage “the top 10 suggestions in their category” (this has gone through several updates since then).     Looking at the vote distribution, and applying that same philosophy to Power BI site this translates to triaging any idea with more than 70 votes.  While we aren’t there yet; if your favorite suggestion has less than 70 votes don’t hold your breath on getting a response unless it is in an area the PMs are actively researching.

The next area people questioned were the state changes we triaging ideas to and what did they mean. 

The current idea states are: 

  • Under Review
  • Escalated
  • Planned
  • Started
  • Completed
  • Declined

These states translate to:

Under Review

The Program Manager is looking at including this idea into future development iterations and costing this effort.  Ideas should really only be here during planning but too often ideas that the PM would like to include in a future iteration are erroneously marked “Under Review”.

To solve this I plan on renaming “Under Review” to “Backlog” and adding a “new” state called “Under Review”.


The team is either researching an issue or been requested to research an idea.


The idea is on the calendar and has development resources assigned to it in the next iteration. 


The Development team is actively working on the idea.


The owning Program Manager has decided the feature shipped addressed the request.  Note if you don’t agree with that assessment and comment to that effect there is a good chance the PM owning it will never see your comments since the idea was closed. (Don’t shoot the messenger!)


No plans to implement that idea