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Processing your suggestions on Ideas.powerbi.com

In user group meetings it is common to receive feedback about ideas.powerbi.com and wanted to address some of this feedback here.  Initially i received complaints about running out of the 20 votes allotment; i tried upping this number and those complaints just restarted so I changed the voting methodology from a set # of votes… Read more

Connecting Power BI to your Visual Studio Team Services Account

I have this question often enough i wanted to walk through the experience myself and the fact that Anthony Borton (an ALM MVP was spending the weekend with me seemed like the right time!) This is also documented in the VSTS and the Power BI docs: https://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/docs/report/powerbi/connect-vso-pbi-vs https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/powerbi-content-pack-visual-studio/ The steps to get started: 1. Login… Read more

How to use Power BI alerts and Flow to send alerts to different groups based on the value of the alert

As Sirui and Ruth showed Power BI coupled with Flow solve a lot of business problems around making data more actionable:  Turn insight into action using Microsoft Flow and Power BI A simple and fun guide to Microsoft Flow and Power BI During last several Power BI presentations have asked when are we going to… Read more

Free Webinar: Deploying your PowerApps applications by James Oleinik

PowerApps has shown business analysts can now create full featured connected applications with low or even no code.  When done, get your app in people’s hands. Publish it to your organization—no app store required. Web and mobile. Laptops, tablets, and phones. Android, iOS, and Windows.  James Oleinik, Senior Program Manager on the PowerApps team will… Read more

Adding External contacts to a Distribution List in Office365

As a community person i run a lot of discussion lists (in Exchange called distribution list) and always adding new people to these lists. In the Exchange Admin interface this takes to separate steps and filling out several fields of metadata . The two separate steps are: 1.  Adding the contact 2.  Adding that contact… Read more

Webinars: On Premises Gateway from PowerApps, Power BI Visualization Design, Common Data Service SDK Preview, Power BI Security Deep Drive and more!

We’ve got a great lineup of webinars planned for May and June! These free sessions will help you gain expertise in Power BI, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow to help improve your organization’s gain insight and take action on your data without a lot of overhead.  These webinars are delivered through YouTube, and you can subscribe… Read more

Bluewater Season Calendar

Added as a prop for a Power BI session on how to get data from a web page.  Learn where to go for some of the best saltwater fishing experiences below. Saltwater fish have always been a bountiful legacy in the waters surrounding our lands. Blue water game fishing received world wide acclaim after Zane… Read more