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Content by Charles Sterling

Pasting into a O365 SharePoint List from Excel

Walking through one of the initial drafts of the the Power of SharePoint paper; one of the first things Michael (the author) has you do is load the SharePoint List from Excel via pasting an entire range.

Regardless of what I did;  the directions simply did not work for me! 

Turns out to ensure I had the last row highlighted I was clicking INTO the first cell of the last row….Also found this worked best from Internet Explorer.

To walk through these steps:

1. Open the SharePoint list as defined in the Power of SharePoint paper


2.  Do NOT click in the last cell!


3. DO use your keyboard down arrows to highlight the last row


4.  Highlight and copy the range of cells from Excel (they are in the same download as the paper) 


5.  Simply press control CTL+V and the cells will then be pasted into your SharePoint list….I also found that you cut and past entire columns in SharePoint if you columns don’t align with the Excel version.


Hope this saves somebody some time!