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Content by Charles Sterling

Red, Green, Yellow Icons in Power BI

This week during Avi’s Power BI “Let’s talk Power BI” and the internal Power BI office hours I heard the question “How do i get excel like stop lights in my Power BI Report”


If black and white “images” will work you might check out my earlier post:


If you just need to display images please check out the Chiclet Visual: https://app.powerbi.com/visuals/show/ChicletSlicer1448559807354

Now During the Office hours the person Just needed the color…The specific shape wasn’t terribly important.

In that case conditional formatting can be used.

Step 1: Add a table Visual with the columns you want to display and the column used for the colors


Step 2.  Set conditional formatting on the column you want for the colors



Step 3.  Collapse the “color” column down to just display the color –not the value



Hope this helps!