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Content by Charles Sterling

Easily create histograms of measures in Power BI

I have been looking to improve the Power BI ideas experience….One way i plan on doing this is “freeing” up votes on ideas that are orphaned duplicates or ideas that just didn’t catch on.

In looking at the UserVoice votes, I see most of the votes are “trapped” on ideas that don’t even have a response from us….Hmm that doesn’t sound good!



….But was it that bad?

Since i have asked the development team to look at all ideas with more than 50 votes,  maybe they have triaged all those ideas but i have a ton of ideas with 1,2,3-50 votes.  I needed to create a histogram on the number of votes in the votes measure.   Playing with various options it wasn’t readily obvious how to do this.   Since i was sitting next to Siva Harinath (in a meeting) i looked at him and said: “Psst how do you create a histogram on a measure?”.  

He replied:

I just needed to convert the measure to text 


doh…why hadn’t i thought of that!  He also mentioned the directions are in the documentation. 


…In looking at the docs i thought i could make that even simpler!

Step 1.  Create a new column to hold your measure…but as text



Step 2.  Set the new column to be equal to your measure you want the Histogram on


Step 3.  Change the data type to Text.



Step 4.  Create a Column chart on this new Column




Step 5.  Change the Sort order

In this case the Uservoice dataset was normally distributed so i was able to get away with sorting on the count.  The docs also cover sorting:






Turns out we have a TON of ideas with practically no votes and the team has done a good job of triaging the ideas over 50 votes…i just need to figure out the break point for votes with few votes to automatically close