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Content by Charles Sterling

Status Icons in Power BI Tables

Have had a couple of requests for people asking how to have Icons instead of the Measure actual values in a Power BI Table.  While this isn’t available directly in PowerBI one of our MVPs wrote a great blog post on how to do this with R.


Turns out you can also get some of this functional using a little DAX.

The first step is to add a new column (see below)


In that new column you need to decide when (what value) you want to show the up versus the down.   While this example I am only showing two arrows i could have nested the “IF” statement to display other arrows.

In the example below I am using a second column and performing some math on it.

stoplight = IF([Revenue] < [Units] * 2000, “▼”, “▲″) & ” ” & FORMAT([Revenue],”####.##”)


Which will give me the following table…..