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Content by Charles Sterling

Easily create histograms of measures in Power BI

I have been looking to improve the Power BI ideas experience….One way i plan on doing this is “freeing” up votes on ideas that are orphaned duplicates or ideas that just didn’t catch on. In looking at the UserVoice votes, I see most of the votes are “trapped” on ideas that don’t even have a… Read more

How to delegate the Power BI Administrator Role via to the Office Administrator Portal

In October we added the ability to make it easier to administer Power BI with the Power BI Service Administrator Role. https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/making-it-easier-to-administer-power-bi/  The documentation showed how to add this via PowerShell; today i was  asked for a pictorial walk through of adding a User to the Power BI Role via Office Administrator Portal which can… Read more

Free Power BI ebook by Reza Rad: Power BI From Rookie to Rockstar

I truly have the best job at Microsoft: Make our customers happy, specifically through community channels. What does that entail on a daily basis?  Looking at the telemetry from our support cases, assist our user group leaders with their group efforts, and my favorite part work with our MVPs.   These people are basically super hero’s… Read more

Coloring an entire state in Power BI

Was asked during today’s Power BI User Group leaders call how to fill in an entire state with a color based on a measure. Turns out the shape map makes this pretty pretty easy and since a picture is worth a 1000 words have decided to save myself some time and create one with a… Read more

Power BI, Flow and PowerApps Webinars Feb 23-April 6th

The next two months we have an all star set of Webinars for your viewing and listening pleasure! If you haven’t attended one of the FREE Business Application Platform webinars the intent is to offer world class best practices giving you not just insight into your data but also how to action and automate your… Read more

Status Icons in Power BI Tables

Have had a couple of requests for people asking how to have Icons instead of the Measure actual values in a Power BI Table.  While this isn’t available directly in PowerBI one of our MVPs wrote a great blog post on how to do this with R. http://sqlkover.com/dynamically-changing-shapes-in-power-bi/ Turns out you can also get some… Read more

Power BI Publish to Web Iframe stealing focus

Just had a developer contact me about my Publish to Web Post and that the Power BI embed code was stealing the focus whenever they loaded the page. So I played with it and was about type the age old reply:   “Works Fine On My Computer” Realizing i had never started an HTML page… Read more