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Displaying a specific report page with Power BI Publish to web

If you have been to one of my user group presentations it is clear one of my favorite Power BI features is “Publish to Web”.  (see example below).

If you haven’t played with Publish to web, it is a feature that enables you to easily share or embed interactive Power BI visualizations online, such as in blog posts, websites, through emails or social media and on any device.  The caveat is this content available to EVERYONE…So if security is a concern you will want look at alternative routes such as Power BI Sharing or the two others ways of Power BI Embedding (Via Rest and Azure Power BI Embedded).



To publish a PowerBI report to the web, all that you need to do is open a report in PowerBi.com for editing and select File > Publish to web…Presto Bango –DONE!

(see image below)


Notice one of these options is the embed code for an Iframe which is what I am using above (see below)

<‘iframe width=”800″ height=”600″ src=”https://app.powerbi.com/view?r=eyJrIjoiM2I0YWMxMTItYjdmMC00Y2EzLWFkODEtZDY0OTM5NDM5YWU1IiwidCI6IjA4YTBiODI0LTU2ZjktNDk4My1hYzhhLTNmZDM3M2Y2ODQ2NiIsImMiOjF9″ frameborder=”0″ allowFullScreen=”true”></iframe>

Question came up today:

What happens if i want to display something other than the first page in the report?

This is particularly relevant for  this specific report/example as the 4th page in the report was built for a mobile device.   Turns out this feature was added to Publish to web after initial release (So the documentation hasn’t included this -yet!)

To access the “deep link” URL you need to open a report that has been published.  In the image below i am viewing the report that was embedded above.

In the lower right hand corner you can see there is a new Share button


Clicking on this, gives multiple options including email (see arrows in bottom of image…The image was intentionally kept large to show I am viewing it from this blog post)



One of these sharing options is to send an email for the specific page you want to share/view…

This email included below:


Take a look at this Power BI report I’d like to share with you.

URL to embedded content:



Powered by Power BI

If you look at the URL in the email template you will notice it is the same URL as above but with the addition of:


Going back to PowerBI.com and look at the report you will the other pages have URLs like:


Armed w/ this information you should now be able to construct Deep Link URLs for all your Power BI Publish to web reports



(Interesting note while this page is the 4th in the report list it was second page created and the author reordered the pages after their creation).