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Forcing PowerApps to a specific Language

One thing i get to do is hang out with the Support Team and they received an interesting case….A customer was getting their PowerApps website displaying in Czechoslovakian.  



As most would guess PowerApps defaults to Locale sent by the browser header information which in turn is pick up by your Windows settings. 

For more information about setting Windows Locales can found here:  https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh825705.aspx and Internet Explorer specific information: 


This customer had two options they could reset this in their Windows Settings (this is done in control panel)



Or force PowerApps by overriding the language setting in the Query String, as illustrated below:





For your convenience including Language Codes below:


Language Codes

Note  As of December 2011, this topic has been archived and is no longer actively maintained. For more information, see Archived Content. For information, recommendations, and guidance regarding the current version of Windows Internet Explorer, see Internet Explorer Developer Center.

Important  The information in this article is out-of-date. For current information regarding language codes, see Windows Language Code Identifier Reference.

The following table lists all the possible language codes used to specify various system settings.

af Afrikaans sq Albanian
ar-sa Arabic (Saudi Arabia) ar-iq Arabic (Iraq)
ar-eg Arabic (Egypt) ar-ly Arabic (Libya)
ar-dz Arabic (Algeria) ar-ma Arabic (Morocco)
ar-tn Arabic (Tunisia) ar-om Arabic (Oman)
ar-ye Arabic (Yemen) ar-sy Arabic (Syria)
ar-jo Arabic (Jordan) ar-lb Arabic (Lebanon)
ar-kw Arabic (Kuwait) ar-ae Arabic (U.A.E.)
ar-bh Arabic (Bahrain) ar-qa Arabic (Qatar)
eu Basque (Basque) bg Bulgarian
be Belarusian ca Catalan
zh-tw Chinese (Taiwan) zh-cn Chinese (PRC)
zh-hk Chinese (Hong Kong SAR) zh-sg Chinese (Singapore)
hr Croatian cs Czech
da Danish nl Dutch (Standard)
nl-be Dutch (Belgium) en English
en-us English (United States) en-gb English (United Kingdom)
en-au English (Australia) en-ca English (Canada)
en-nz English (New Zealand) en-ie English (Ireland)
en-za English (South Africa) en-jm English (Jamaica)
en English (Caribbean) en-bz English (Belize)
en-tt English (Trinidad) et Estonian
fo Faeroese fa Farsi
fi Finnish fr French (Standard)
fr-be French (Belgium) fr-ca French (Canada)
fr-ch French (Switzerland) fr-lu French (Luxembourg)
gd Gaelic (Scotland) ga Irish
de German (Standard) de-ch German (Switzerland)
de-at German (Austria) de-lu German (Luxembourg)
de-li German (Liechtenstein) el Greek
he Hebrew hi Hindi
hu Hungarian is Icelandic
id Indonesian it Italian (Standard)
it-ch Italian (Switzerland) ja Japanese
ko Korean ko Korean (Johab)
lv Latvian lt Lithuanian
mk Macedonian (FYROM) ms Malaysian
mt Maltese no Norwegian (Bokmal)
no Norwegian (Nynorsk) pl Polish
pt-br Portuguese (Brazil) pt Portuguese (Portugal)
rm Rhaeto-Romanic ro Romanian
ro-mo Romanian (Republic of Moldova) ru Russian
ru-mo Russian (Republic of Moldova) sz Sami (Lappish)
sr Serbian (Cyrillic) sr Serbian (Latin)
sk Slovak sl Slovenian
sb Sorbian es Spanish (Spain)
es-mx Spanish (Mexico) es-gt Spanish (Guatemala)
es-cr Spanish (Costa Rica) es-pa Spanish (Panama)
es-do Spanish (Dominican Republic) es-ve Spanish (Venezuela)
es-co Spanish (Colombia) es-pe Spanish (Peru)
es-ar Spanish (Argentina) es-ec Spanish (Ecuador)
es-cl Spanish (Chile) es-uy Spanish (Uruguay)
es-py Spanish (Paraguay) es-bo Spanish (Bolivia)
es-sv Spanish (El Salvador) es-hn Spanish (Honduras)
es-ni Spanish (Nicaragua) es-pr Spanish (Puerto Rico)
sx Sutu sv Swedish
sv-fi Swedish (Finland) th Thai
ts Tsonga tn Tswana
tr Turkish uk Ukrainian
ur Urdu ve Venda
vi Vietnamese xh Xhosa
ji Yiddish zu Zulu