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Nov 1 Webinar: Big Data with Power BI, HDInsight and Datameer

A topic that came up quite often at Ignite is what is the best practice for doing Business Intelligence on top of HUGE datasets; luckily for me a long time friend, MVP and one of the original Microsoft Regional Directors actually specializes in this domain.

Andrew readily agreed to cover off this topic and put together the following abstract for our Nov 1st Webinar…

Thanks Andrew!


Big Data with Power BI, HDInsight and Datameer

Power BI is a fantastic data visualization, transformation and discovery product, but it’s not designed for “Big Data”-scale datasets.  Meanwhile, Azure HDInsight is an impressive cloud-based Hadoop and Spark distribution that works at scale, but isn’t designed to be business user-friendly the way Power BI is.  In this webinar, Andrew Brust will show how you can leverage the scale of HDInsight and the ease-of use of Power BI, with Datameer, part of the Azure HDInsight Application Platform.  If you’re a Power BI fan, and you want to do Big Data analytics without learning the ins and outs of Hadoop and Spark, then don’t miss this Webinar.

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About the Presenter
Andrew Brust is Microsoft Regional Director and Data Platform MVP. He regularly presents on HDInsight and Power BI, having used both since they were in early Beta.  Andrew also writes about Big Data and analytics for ZDNet and, in addition to being an old of friend of mine, just happens to be Datameer’s Senior Director for Market Strategy and Intelligence.

Where: https://info.microsoft.com/US-PowerBI-WBNR-FY17-11Nov-01-Big-Data-with-Power-BI-HDInsight-and-Datameer-265554.html

When:  Nov 1st  10AM PST

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