Webinar: Increase operational performance and data visibility using the Common Data Model and PowerApps Sept 14th

Based on the great feedback from the Power BI Webinar Series we plan to create a series for PowerApps.  The first of which will be on the Common Data Model.

The rest of the series will cover:

  • Get started
  • Create your first app
  • Customize your app
  • Manage your app
  • Connections
  • SharePoint Integration with Power Apps


Increase operational performance and data visibility using the Common Data Model and PowerApps

Beginning of August Microsoft announced the preview for  Common Data Model (CDM), which is the Microsoft Azure–based business application model and storage mechanism for the Microsoft business application platform. With the Common Data Model enterprises can improve operational efficiency with a unified view of business data. In this webinar Arif Kureshy will show how using CDM organizations can analyze unified view of data to figure out the right actions and empower their employees to maximize their results which will lend itself to a sustainable competitive advantage. Arif will also cover how the CDM will enable organizations to connect business data from applications with information residing in Office 365 productivity platform - for example, a calendar appointment or an Outlook task with data in Opportunity entity.

The Presenter: Arif Kureshy Director of Program Management 


When: Wednesday Sept 14th 9am PST

Where: https://info.microsoft.com/CO-PowerBI-WBNR-FY17-09Sep-14-PowerApps-Registration.html

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  1. PK Hong says:

    I have been using PowerApps + CDM since the release of CDM preview. With numerous trial, actual application and release to customer for final test, I did encounter intermittent or rather instability of CDM syncing with PowerApps resulting in rebuild of CDM Entities and added into PowerApps. After sharing with PG on the above, wish that this scenario can be improved sooner possible and release final CDM edition.

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