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Shooting a Visual Studio Toolbox episode with Robert Green

While shopping at Costo last night, noticed an old friend Robert Green and his beautiful wife Collette happen to be checking out in front of us  (they even came down and visited us while in Australia).  While chatting the topic of work came up and the fact I am now on the Power BI team and Robert asked if we would be slowing down the crazy/torrid development pace of delivering new features.  Not only will we NOT be slowing down a pace of delivery; with the work around Cortana, Azure and continued push to get new collaboration features into the Power BI Service it is likely it will be increasing!  With this news Robert asked if i would be interested in doing a Visual Studio Toolbox episode…doh -OF COURSE!  Since this is developer focused series i decided to show off some of the Power BI features i thought developers would be interested in:


Calling REST APIs, working with JSON and integrating with your Web Development using Power BI

In this week’s Visual Studio Toolbox episode, old time friend, Charles Sterling joins us to show how to use Power BI in your development efforts specifically how to call REST APIs with Power BI without writing any code.  Parsing, modeling and transforming the resulting JSON to make creating rich interactive reports a snap and integrating this into your  development efforts by embedding the Power BI data visualizations into your web applications.

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