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Power BI webinars for the week of 8/14: R for the Masses and Using Power BI to Build Financial Dashboards


After a two week break, the Power BI webinars are back and with two of the most requested topics: R and Financial Dashboards.  The details about the sessions: 



Using Power BI to build Financial Dashboards by Avi Singh

If you work in Finance or with Financial data, it is likely that you have a love-hate relationship with Excel. The good news is, while you were not looking, Excel has been transformed. The modern Excel, teamed up with Power BI helps you quickly go from data to insights.

This means that financial analysts, rather than wrestling with data and queries, could instead, focus on serving their customer – the business – by providing smart analysis, insights and financial guidance.

In this webinar, we will cover a real case study for a Finance team and show you how you can leverage Excel and Power BI to

  • Combine Multiple Data Sources with Easy Refresh: Combine multiple official sources (e.g. General Ledger, Personnel) with your own custom datasets/mappings. All, while providing one-click or automated refresh.
  • Establish a Single Source of Truth: All reports (in Power BI or Excel) would connect to the Power BI Data Model as the verified source of the truth. This avoids any confusion around numbers not matching across various reports.
  • Analyze Your Data Easily: You can easily slice-and-dice your data using any Dimension or Lookup Table in the Data Model. E.g. by Product, Department, Geography.
  • Define Complex Calculations: Power BI offers a powerful formula language in DAX, which allows us to build sophisticated functionality in our reporting. Such as ability to easily select a time frame – Closed Month, Quarter-to-Date, Year-to-Date; select a specific comparison – Actuals against Budget/Forecast/Prior Year Actuals.
  • Personalized Dashboard using Row Level Security at SSAS Tabular. This shows each user a customized dashboard based on the Organization Group they belong to
  • Natural Language Q&A via Power BI or directly from desktop using Cortana

Date: August 18, 2016  10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Pacific Time

To register: https://info.microsoft.com/CO-PowerBI-WBNR-FY17-08Aug-16-PowerBI-Financial-Dashboards-Registration.html



Avi Singh is a Power BI trainer and consultant based out of Seattle. He is a Microsoft MVP, co-author of the top-selling book “Power Pivot and Power BI: An Excel User’s Guide” and a regular speaker at conferences and user events.

Avi has personally experienced the transformation and empowerment that Power BI can bring, going from an Excel user to building large-scale Power BI solutions. His mission now is to share his knowledge about Power BI.


You can follow him on his blog at www.powerpivotpro.com/author/avichal/ or video blog at https://www.youtube.com/powerpivotpro.


R for the masses with Power BI by Sharon Laivand


If you missed it, there are a new set of rich R visuals are fully integrated into Power BI service reports, and can be filtered, cross filtered, and pinned to dashboards. In this webinar Sharon Laivand will show who the new R visuals can be viewed by Power BI users without them having to be aware of this underlying technology. This will enable Power BI authors to take advantage of the thousands of ready-to-use packages, the R language  extensibility and with endless complementary capabilities for analyzing and visualizing data.​


About the Speaker:

Before joining the Power BI Team, Sharon was a senior product manager in the AD Identity & Access Management (IAM) product group defining the next generation of Microsoft’s IAM solutions. Sharon has over 20 years of experience in the software security domain and the experience of defining a few MS products in this space, such as the authentication flows in Windows Server 2012 R2 – Web Application Proxy Role.  Sharon now specializes in making R easier to use and integrating it into the Power BI suite of Products.


Register: https://info.microsoft.com/CO-PowerBI-WBNR-FY17-08Aug-18-PowerBI-R-for-Masses-Registration.html

Date: August 18, 2016  10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Pacific Time