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Content by Charles Sterling

Live Site Issue–Purchasing Power BI Pro from website down

Please this has been resolved!

If you want to purchase Power BI please see:















































Had a customer call in and indicate they are trying to buy Power BI Pro and clicking on “Purchase” is just taking them back to the pricing page.




The team is aware of the problem and working on it. 

Until then you can still buy Power BI, you just need to navigate to the different purchasing options manually.

As there are a couple of ways to buy Power BI you need decide which makes the most sense for you:

The first option …are you an Office365 user:


If your company does run Office 365 then you are prompted with:



If you are the admin, you are then prompted to confirm the purchase OR create a new Account.



If you are the admin you can also purchase Power BI the license/s directly from the Office Portal.

To get there go into the Office Portal and open subscriptions hub:



For creating a new Office 365 account you will be taken here: http://aka.ms/buypbinotadmin.

Note you will also be taken to this page if you indicated you do have access to the admin portal but don’t….

GoDaddy customers regularly fall have this issue; while they are paying to be the Office365 admin they don’t have access to subscription hub therefore can not assign Power BI licenses (free or paid).

If you indicate you aren’t using Office or unsure you are prompted with this


Choosing “Team or Organization” takes you to:


If you select Myself you are taken to the following URL:


I will update the blog post once the web page is fixed