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Free Power BI Webinar 6/7: Advanced Power BI and Solving the Hard Problems

The Power BI Community webinars are brought to you by the experts doing real world implementations and sharing their hard earned best practices.   In this weeks session Devin Knight shares with us what the world looks like when you leave: “Demo Land” and your data isn’t perfectly formed or business scenarios don’t translate perfect to a set of reports and dashboards.


Advanced Power BI: Solving the Hard Problems

By now you have probably seen many Power BI demos and likely love what you see in the product.  However, you may have noticed in most Power BI demos that they tend to show scenarios where everything just works right on the first try.  So what do you do when your data is not perfect or your business problem is more complex?  In this session, you will see what happens when you go beyond the basics and try to solve those difficult problems that you inevitably will run into when you’re back at work.  This session will give you many tips on how to solve real world problems with Power BI.

When:  6/7 10AM PST

Where: https://info.microsoft.com/CO-PowerBI-WBNR-FY16-06Jun-07-Advanced-PowerBI-Registration.html









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With a background in SSIS, Rational databases and finances Mitchell Pearson was awarded the 2015 Pragmatic Works’ Achieve Mastery Award. Taking this passion to his role as a Business Intelligence trainer and consultant for Pragmatic Works, Mitchell is one of the one of the most requested and favorite instructors offering custom consulting, in-person training, boot camps and a wide range of virtual Training. Mitchell teaches classes across the entire on the full BI Stack (SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS). In addition to the BI Stack he also have experience with Data Modeling, T-SQL, MDX, Power Pivot and the Power BI Tools. Mitchell graduated from the University of North Florida in 2007. https://pragmaticworks.com/Training/Biography-Full/ArticleID/38/Mitchell-Pearson


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