Power BI

Content by Charles Sterling

The new Uservoice Sidebar

As most of my coworkers know i joined the Power BI Team.  One thing they are truly passionate about is product interaction and product feedback.  We do this several different ways with Uservoice one of the tools in our tool belt.  As power users we asked Uservoice if they had a tool for making it easier to submit suggestions for customers while we are interacting with them. Turns out they had already been thinking about this problem and had a tool in preview they gave us early access to…much admit tool is very cool and really does make our life much easier!


To enable using the preview Uservoice Sidebar Tool:

1.  Enable bookmark toolbar in either Chrome or IE



2. Navigate to the sidebar page  https://powerbi.uservoice.com/sidebar/install

Drag the green button to the bookmarks bar



3. Navigate to a page you want to capture feedback on. Click on the Uservoice Sidebar.

Login to the Uservoice Sidebar (note all of Marc’s team has been added for Access) if you don’t have access you will need to contact Charles Sterling.  Chass@microsoft.com to be added



4. Type in the proposed title.  This will populate all the near suggestions which you can link to or choose to create a new suggestion

Note in this case I am submitting this on the behalf of the customer.  There are scenarios where as the author or the customer will apply




5. When creating a new suggestion please ALWAYS select a category.  Failing to do so will orphan the suggestion from the correct team.


6. If you do create a new suggestion on the behalf of the customer please subscribe them to their suggestion.