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Microsoft DevOps workshop in a city near you

The interest in the DevOps labs I wrote for using the new Microsoft DevOps Tools has been really great!

If you missed the post on the labs; you can see them here:  

  1. Continuous Integration
  2. Continuous Deployment
  3. Continuous Testing
  4. Application Monitoring (covered as Demos)

This week our partner account manager (who has the ironic last name of “Webb”) has inquired about doing this externally. 

I let him know the only thing keeping me from doing this is:

  1. Travel Budget Approval from my manager
  2. Facilities in the regional areas

Turns out both of these issues are relatively easy to solve:

1.  My manager has already given his blessing for the travel spend(my absence from Redmond may be from the encouragement of my team room mates<g>)

2.  The Microsoft Tier 1 Training partners often have high end training facilities that we could leverage to deliver this cutting edge content as a way to encourage new potential customers into their offices (can you say “win win”?)

At this point  may next steps are to start lining up the training partners and get this roadshow scheduled!

…Guessing November will be the first offering!

See you in November!