Removed…contact chass@microsoft.com if you are looking for the load testing content that was here

Comments (5)

  1. Anthony Borton says:

    Hey Chuck, I had Shane read it to increase your readership 🙂

  2. Peter Toonen says:

    Works well and load testing is now exactly where I would expect it to be: snugly tied to my web apps in the Azure portal instead of having to go to VSO first to create a load-test for an app whilst having to remember every time that the load-tests aren't performed under the team project I'm currently working in.

  3. Esteban Garcia says:

    This is awesome, it is great to see this getting surfaced and making it easier for us to quickly measure and plan for future load.

  4. Kris Lankford (falafel) says:

    I tried this and it worked perfectly for me. I am glad to see there are more accessible options for adding load testing to my azure web apps.Thanks Charles!

  5. Karl Gjertsen says:

    Nice hidden gem and perfect for load testing my new project: http://www.infiniforms.io 🙂

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