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Content by Charles Sterling

Displaying a buddies boat on a Simrad NSS 8 using Standard Horizon 2150/2200 and DSC

One of my fishing buddies finally got a radio that is capable of sending/receiving DSC information and thought I would share what is required to display this information on your NSS8 chart plotter.


1. Get yourself an MMSI number http://www.boatus.com/mmsi/

2. Enter  your MMSI into your Standard Horizon Radio

Hold the Call button down > Setup > MMSI and enter it –note you only get one shot at this!

3. Enter your buddies MMSI number in your directory

Hold the Call button down > Setup > DSC > Individual > Add and enter it

4.  Send a position request to your buddy

Call > DSC > Position Request > New ID > Choose your buddy you entered in #3

5. On the reply press “Save WPT” and enter twice

6.  On your NSS you should see a blue dot where you buddies boat is…



hovering over it will give you some information…like the lat long


7.  If you don’t see the DSC events occurring make sure and set your vessel alarms on in the settings screen (see below)