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Content by Charles Sterling

Galley gone, new floor and swim platform becomes a bench seat

Last weekend got a couple more hours on the boat and finished tearing out the galley.



As you can see from the picture there is nothing really wrong with the tiny sink, the tiny refrigerator below the tiny stove…But they are just weren’t that useful, added to the “Cave” feeling of the interior and I REALLY didn’t want live propane and water lines into the cabin.    I am the cook in the family and had already decided if I am to do do any cooking I would be doing it on the deck with a butane stove that I use all the time.  (Chinese hot pot is a staple at our house)…So when I decided to redo the floor the galley wouldn’t be part of the new ensemble.   Floor I decided to go with is called Allure by traffic Master was pretty easy to install and now just need to do put in the quarter round around the edges.



With the galley gone it begged the question what was going to go there….Well the boat came with this rough teak swim step that that wasn’t going to be used so decided what I would be pretty easier to take some of the ends make it wider and laminate the new ends in place using the spare wood.



The Transom

I have a ton left to do but am starting to think about the transom…My current thinking is to fill the inset areas with epoxy and roving until the transom is perfectly flat.


Then as a second effort take two sheets of penske foam board cut to the shame shape as the transom and LOTS of layers of cloth to create a transom core using Polyester resin.

The reason I plan on using Penske foam is just to supply a shape to work against  -not save weight or add a bunch of strength.

The reason for using Polyester for the transom “laminate”core is not so much to save money but rather speed up the cure times as I want to do all this as a single effort and the polyester chemical bonds are as strong as the epoxy. 

After this is finished epoxy the polyester “core” and the built up transom with bolts going through the existing holes compressing it all together.  The reason for using epoxy against the hull and to laminate the core is I will be laminating to cured polyester…and polyester doesn’t have any chemical bound strength just mechanical in that situation.

…After this is done smooth out any fillets and cover all this with a layer of cloth w/ epoxy (filling all the holes I used with through bolts as clamps).



–then repeat this process to the stringers and transom INSIDE the boat.  and unfortunately if I go with Epoxy I can not gel coat this I will need to switch to paint as the final finish….