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My new project and the best way to NOT move a boat

If you have read my personal posts you already know I am into crazy projects such putting V8’s into Datsun’s.  I decided my next project would be to restore a boat…a BIG boat.  After watching Craigslist the perfect candidate came by while I was the Build conference.  -An 28 foot 1980s Tiara that didn’t get used much initially, blew a motor and sat in storage for the rest of her life waiting in vain to get her motors back….The only catch was not only no trailer it was on blocks in storage.

Undaunted I told the owner I would take it and be there to put it on a trailer as soon as I got back…it only weighs 10,000lbs – how hard could it be and what could go wrong?


Step 1.  Jack the bow up enough to get the front of the trailer to the jacks.  Started at 10am and this took us to around noon. (the owner bless his heart gave me hand!)


Step 2.  Put a jack in front of the furthest back cross member in the trailer and back the trailer up 18”.  This took us to ~1pm and the boat only fell off the jacks twice!

Must admit laying under a 10,000lb boat while it falls onto the trailer above you is pretty scary!


Step 3. Repeat Step 2 LOTS more times – with the next cross member. At 4pm hit our first snags

The boat had fallen off the jack off to one side so I couldn’t get the jack under the bow and the boat-stands (the blue things in the picture) were too short to get the boat high enough to allow the trailer under it and I didn’t have enough blocks to get the boat any higher…Such ended day 1 as my new life as a new boat owner!


Step  4.  Day two I came back with A LOT MORE blocks and THREE 20 ton jacks to repeat step two several more times. Luckily my wife’s father come over and gave me a hand (The owner was all “Funned” out of this game<g>).

Getting past the next cross member the second morning was tough.  Took us over 2 hours, I was super sore, the boat had to go WAY higher and since the boat was now crooked every time I tried jacking it up the boat would slip off the block.

The answer was to use two jacks and a piece of 2X6” cedar which was soft enough to have the bow sink into it –but not so soft as to break.

Step 5. Tow it home.  Despite not having a license plate, valid tags, turn signals, brake lights, a wide load sign and the boat not being centered on the trailer (we ended getting it TOO far onto the trailer!) we had NO issues towing it home…as a matter of fact this trailer and the new truck it actually tows better than my Pursuit (at half the weight)




Now all I have to do is “freshen her up” and put a couple of large outboards on the back…how hard could that be?

…Oh yeah my beautiful wife, Pilar, has already named my new gal:



Why Miracle you wonder?….My wife is adamant it will be a Miracle if this boat ever leaves our yard makes it to the water<g>