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September Update CTP for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012

(please excuse this post as it is a test for VS Update notifications)
Feature Improvement: Team Foundation Server 2012

(For more detailed information on these features please see: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/bharry/archive/2012/09/12/visual-studio-update-this-fall.aspx)

  • Web Access navigation restyling and usability improvements
  • Support for kanban including a board for the backlog, Work In Progress limits, and Continuous Flow Diagrams
  • Ability to drag and drop a task in the board to another user story
  • Ability to drag and drop a task in the board to assign it to another person
  • Next and Previous buttons on the work item form in the triage view
  • Links and Attachments tab in the work item form shows the count of contents
  • Animation on the task board when a task is dragged
  • Ability to drag and drop work items in the backlog to assign to a person or activity
  • Improved error handling and messaging for Project Server Integration
  • Updated process template versions for all the templates

If you do run into issues please let use know!

How to Provide Feedback on this Release.  Feedback is an important part of this process. To supply feedback, please use the Visual Studio 2012 feedback tool, which can be located here. The feedback tool:

  • Automatically marks your suggestions as private – feel free to make them public if you want people to see them and vote your issue higher in our prioritization.
  • Automatically captures the build number, so we know any bugs/suggestions are for this technology preview to the update.

*While these builds are not intended to be used on production machines if you would like to try using them in anger in development environment – please drop me an email (Chass@microsoft.com)

**The reason for every three weeks is so the scenario teams can get feedback on their last sprint.