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My crazy car project –Chapter II(not software/work related)

Now that I had a strategy in place how did it go?

(For the initial strategy please see:

https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/charles_sterling/2012/09/20/my-crazy-car-project-the-beginningnot-softwarework-related/ )

So how did the initial build out go?

Step 1 build an engine…with Chevy small blocks this is easy and cheap(ish)



Step 2 Get a hoist to put it into the car…My Doubting wife doesn’t think it will fit


Step 4 Measure it<g>


Step 3: Put the motor into the car


Step 5 Figure out why it is not fitting


Step 6. Use bigger hammer


Step 7 Admire work…note motor is literally behind the front axles making this technically a mid engine car!





Weight 2750lbs
Horse Power ?
Torque ?
0-60 mph ?
1/4 mile ?
Transmission 5 speed Manual
Rear End 3.94 to 1 Fully Independent
Top Speed ?(probably never find out)
MPG ? Should be  around 23 mpg
Wheelbase 90.7
Height 51″
Length 173.2
Radiator Aluminum 91 Camaro with a Black Max Fan
Rolling  Stock 15×7 Rikens with ADVAN 032R Yoko’s
Weight Distribution