My crazy car project –Chapter IIII Paint (not software/work related)

As pretty as the Orange was it needed to go so i thought i would try my hand at painting a car…how hard could it be?

Step 1 Put on the Primer


Step 2. Shoot some paint (note the engine is back out)




Step 3. Remove Tape


Step 4. Reassembly


Step 5. Put Motor back in(Isn’t that a different motor????)


Step 6.  While under the car upgrade the brakes


Step 7. Put tires back on it…

105-0563_IMG \

Step 8 Take for a drive


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  1. says:

    Is that new paint color yellow? Anyway it looks well done…kudos.

  2. Wow, that's amazing!!! how did you do that?? I thought you are kidding till I see your picture!

  3. smcintire1981 says:


    it's nice to know there are other developers / techies that do things other than tech with their time!

  4. Charles Sterling says:

    @M.Radwan you should talk to Willy or come visit the house…One of my more interesting traits is I have no problems starting project sane people would never consider….note I didn't say I complete them<g>  

  5. Sid says:

    Good work. Must have really enjoyed driving it after putting all your efforts! 😉

  6. Adam says:

    Should this be Chapter III, or Chapter IV? 🙂

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